Jason Owen’s first album ‘Life Is A Highway is a collection of the moving renditions he performed on X-Factor. Jason makes the songs originally sung by some of the world’s most enduring voices, including John Denver, Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, The Black Keys, Green Day and more, his own by injecting a youthful interpretation to these all-time classics.

    Available to pre-order now from JB Hi-Fi and Sanity.

    Jason Owen is evolving - in every single way. The 19 year old, who famously claimed during his X-Factor TV audition that the small country town he hailed from (Albert, NSW) had “more dogs than people”, has signed with Sony Music for his exciting first album release. And if his voice and style evolution are anything to go by, we’re in for a vocal and visual treat. Jason’s highly anticipated debut album, titled “Life Is A Highway” will be released on April 26, 2013 and it’s packed with all the songs he is renowned for: moving renditions of John Denver classics, plus soulful covers of the songs he impressed audiences with throughout the highly successful TV singing competition, in which he was 2012 runner-up.

    Tunes like ‘Always On My Mind’, ‘Against The Wind’, ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’, ‘Sweet Home Alabama’, plus a surprising rendition of the popular country classic ‘Islands in the Stream’, made famous by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. On his album, Jason sings this catchy track with country star Amber Lawrence, and he’ll be touring with her for six months, kicking off in May 2013.

    “What I am most excited about is having people hear the new album and really connecting with it. I know from the live TV shows and from the interactions I’ve had with fans since the show ended that my fan base is aged five to 95. It’s a broad cross-section of people and sometimes a huge difference in musical tastes, but I sing from my heart for each and every track, so I know my fans will love every song. Plus, I like to keep fans guessing: what will Jason sing next? This album will showcase all of my musical genre tastes.

    “I’ve always been a real ‘heart connected’ person, especially if a like a girl,” he hints. “I love love songs. I’ve always had a soft spot for them. If you can sing a love song really well, you can go anywhere with it – it connects people, it’s just universal. And everyone knows a good love song!”

    Of the decision to have his first album release be a slew of carefully handpicked cover songs the producers wisely advised Jason that “if you can sing a big hit, and make it your own big hit, then everyone is going to want to hear your music.”

    For a young man who very much wanted to make a career out of singing but wasn’t sure which path would bring him there, Jason feels like he has landed exactly where he was meant to be.

    “I didn’t necessarily want to be famous; I just knew I wanted to sing. And I knew I wanted to connect with an audience.”

    Jason started connecting with audiences when he was a young man of 15, where he’d travel with his singer aunt to pub gigs, and perform songs with her. Soon, he bought his own equipment and performed solo shows, even performing at the Tamworth Music Festival.

    His aunt Michelle announced she’d like to audition for X-Factor when auditions headed to the Dubbo area. Nervous at the prospect, she suggested Jason join her for a duet. Not willing to potentially let her down, he suggested they audition separately. Jason got through - and he continued to wow at his auditions. Before he knew it, Jason was part of the hotly contested top 12 line-up, and he himself was constantly surprised he’d make it through each week’s round.

    “I always thought to myself, I must have what people want for me to get this far. And I think that’s why I kept getting through each week on the show - because of who I was. I just had fun each week, I was never cocky; I just got out there and sang. With each song I sang, I performed like it was the last time I was going to perform on stage.

    “Prior to ‘X-Factor’, I’ve never had professional singing lessons, though I did join the school choir when I was young. I enjoyed taking directions from the vocal coaches on the show; I just love the whole process. I always loved music, and funnily, what kicked it off for me was ‘The Wiggles’. Even when I was 4 or 5, I knew every word to every one of their songs. My mother used to say, “That boy has to be on a stage.”

    “And now, here we are. You can’t let an opportunity like this pass you by. Going from sitting in a field truck every day to singing on stage in front of thousands of people… it’s a dream come true.” Before ‘X-Factor’, Jason was working in the family fuel business, learning the ropes so that one day he’d take over from his beloved father.

    The only child shares a strong bond with his dad, saving him after a serious motorbike accident where they hit a kangaroo. Jason’s dad was in a coma, so he covered him with his body to keep him warm; they were late rescued by a passing truck. Jason’s mother sees him as a guardian angel, and not only because they wanted him for eight years before almost giving up.

    For a young man who grew up listening to such old school classics as Dr Hook and Smokey Robinson, it’s no surprise Jason Owen comes across as an old soul. With his debut album set to truly blow audiences always, this young man will continue to make a huge impression on the Australian public who helped get him so far. Watch this face.